WW 1

Many fishermen and sailors from Balbriggan and District served at sea during World War 1.The following list is taken from the Roll of Honour which once hung in the old British Legion hall in Skerries Street, and from documents supplied by relatives of the participants.The ships mentioned are those on the above list and are not the only ships on which the men served. A few of the entries are not entirely accurate as men listed as R.N. should have been listed as R.N.R.. Three of the entries are listed with addresses outside the Balbriggan area. These men were either born, domiciled, or employed in Balbriggan, e.g. Frederick Matchette was born in Balbriggan, listed as 13 in 1911Census and his father was Manager of one of the local Hosiery Factories. The family later moved to Clontarf. It is interesting that five of this family took part in campaigns during the war, as did six of the Filgate MaCartneys of Lowerstone, four of the McKinnion [McKenna] brothers and three of a couple of other families. The list is not complete and I would be delighted if relatives of other participants contacted me, or sent the details to alexmckinnion@hotmail.com The list is being updated as names are received. Thanks

Photos of Men Below urgently needed


Louis Barton R.N. HMS 'Hercules' Drogheda St.

Joseph Boyce AB R.N.R. Clonard ST.

Joseph Buchanan Station Officer Coast Guard Drogheda St.

James Campbell Leading Seaman Gunner HMS 'Abercrombie' Chapel St.

Charles Carvin Gr. R.N.R. HMS 'Hampshire' Skerries St. No.2115D died 05/06/1016

James Carvin Stoker R.N. HMS 'Africa' Drogheda ST.

Robert Carey Stoker R.N. HMS ' ' Ring Commons

Patrick Clarke AB R.N. HMS 'Glory' Skerries St.

Richard Corcoran Stoker R.N. HMS 'Africa' Hampton Place

Wesley T. Cosgrove Sub-Lieut R.N. HMS 'Temeraire' Georges Square

Joseph Crossan Stoker HMS 'Erin' Drogheda St.

James Dillon AB R.N. HMS 'Bellona' Chapel St.

Edward Doherty Petty Officer HMS 'Glouster' Drogheda St.

Thomas Donegan Stoker R.N. HMS 'Shannon' Mill St.

James Donnelly Gr. R.N.R. HMS 'Hope' Ring Commons

Michael Donnelly HMS 'Carnavon' Quay ST.

James Doran Stoker R.N. HMS 'Ajax' Clonard St.

Patrick Donnelly Chief Petty Officer R.N. HMS 'Monmouth' Drogheda St.

John Dunne Stoker R.N.Hms 'Blanche' Quay St.

Willam Geraghty AB R.N. HMS 'Implacable' Clonard St'

James Geraghty Stoker R.N. HMS 'Africa' Clonard St

William Guildea AB R.N.R. HMS 'Vulcan' Clonard St'

Edward Harper Pte. Royal Marines HMS 'Victorious' Station St.

James Hughes Stoker R.N. HMS 'Cedric' Flemington Lane

John Kennedy Stoker R.N. HMS 'Lyra' Clonard St.

William Kennedy 1st. Class Stoker HMS 'Sentinel' Clonard St.

Bernard Kirk Petty Officer HMS 'Temeraire' Midleton Co. Cork

Jamse Kirby Warrent Office R.N. Chapel St.

Joseph Knight Stoker R.N. HMS 'Prince Irene' Chapel St. No. K24881 died 27/05/1915

W. H. Knight AB Sg. R.N. HMS 'Monsoon' Harbour House No. 198839 died 23/12/1917

William Laless Seaman R.N.R. HMS 'Tiger' Mill St.

Michael Lyons Petty Officer R.N. HMS 'Sirius' Drogheda St.

Frederick Metchette Pr. Royal Marines HMS 'Sutley' Hollybrook Road Clontarf. Originally Balbriggan

Daniel Joseph Minton Stoker and Petty Officer HMS 'Orion' Hampton St.

James Monks Leading Seaman HMS 'Indefatigable' Clonard St. No.J10800 died 31/05/1916

John Mc Donnell AB R.N.R. HMS 'Vigilant' High St'

Matthew McEnroe Stoker R.N. HMS 'Pembroke' Hampton St No. K24912 died 27/05/1917

John Mc Garry Petty Officer R.N. HMS 'Colingwood' Bridge St'

O. F. Mc Gillivray Yeoman of Signals R.N. HMS 'Queen Elizabeth' High St.

Joseph Mc Gillivray Seaman Gunner HMS 'Louvain'High St. No. 2577A died 20/01/1916

James Mc Kenna [McKinnion] Leading Sean Gr. HMS 'Donegal' Clonard St.

Joseph Mc Kinnion AB R.N.R. HMS 'Sublime' Chapel St'

Andrew McKinnion AB R.N.R. HMS 'Bulwark' Mill St.

Henry McKinnion Seaman R.N. HMS 'Aurora' Quay St.

Francis Mc Mahon Boy R.N. HMS 'Hercules' Drogheda St.

Michael Mc Mahon Seaman R.N. HMS 'Kanmer' Patrol Boat High St'

William Nolan Stoker R.N. HMS 'Sir John Moore' Drogheda St'

Thomas Orange Stoker R.N. HMS 'Hibernia' Chapel St.

Joseph O'Reilly Stoker R.N. HMS 'Hibernia'

Nicholas Rath AB R.N. HMS 'Murray' Dublin ST.

James Rath Stoker R.N. HMS 'Blanche' Dublin St.

Charles Regan 1st. Class Petty Officer Coast Guard Ardglass Co. Down.

Patrick Donnelly Stoker 1st. Class K/33375 HMS 'Vanguard' K.I.A. Scapaflow 9/7/1917 Age 19. Drogheda,St

Patrick Dowling Shipwright 2nd Class No.346003 HMS 'Monmouth' K.I.A Battle of Coronel 1/11/1914 ..

William Kildea Seaman RNR [could be same as W. Guildea above] No.2100 SS 'Mesaba' K.I.A. 1/9/1918 age 50 Market Green.

John Orange, Fireman, Mercantile Marine, SS Lusitania, 7th. May 1915, Chapel Street.