Balbriggan circa 1984

Railway Station 1948

Balbriggan Harbour Wall Colapse

Habour wall collapses 1978 with the Cloudless Morn getting a bashing

Balbriggan Quay St

Quay Street 1970s

Balbriggan Railway Station 27th Nov 1947 for web

Balbriggan Railway station 1947


Tanlan stranded on front strand May 5 1938

tanlan Writing

It took 10 days to unload and refloat her.. Captain Lamb and crew stayed aboard her most of the time

Balbriggan Harbour 1960Ovoca

Great shot from the Ovoca up the harbour 1960

boats in a row

Boats ina row while work goes on at the pier

Main street

Old Valantine Card of the town c.1905


Fag an Bealach which dredged the harbour for many years

All the local artists who painted the harbour over the years with the late Paddy Donaghy

Brunner Monks and the Author Alex Mc Kenna watch a member of the Dublin Plein Air group who painted the harbour many times working on a picture of the arches.